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Digital strategy

Plan for the future with a great digital strategy.

Zeroseven’s team are experts in digital strategy. We’ll help you to create a digital roadmap for your business, get your team on the same page, and optimise your systems and processes to ensure your digital platforms talk to each other. Our digital strategy services span transformation, team activities and user testing. 

What we do.

Digital strategy services.

  • Digital transformation.

    Whether you’re optimising your processes or completely transforming the way you work, our digital transformation services can help. We can create and execute a digital transformation roadmap,  prioritise digital initiatives and business goals, and identify opportunities for improvement and efficiencies in line with your business goals.  

  • Business strategy.

    Let technology support your whole-of-business strategy. We will help to identify and implement technology in your business to improve performance and processes. We will work closely with your internal stakeholders to identify areas of improvement, consolidate systems and processes and explore where technology can add value for your customers.  

  • Technical strategy.

    Systems not talking to each other? As businesses embark on digital transformation projects, legacy systems can become a major pain point. We can identify what technology is right for your business processes, consolidate and integrate systems and processes,  and provide the technology road map for your journey. Now we’re talking.

  • Customer experience.

    Help your customers or website users find what they’re looking for. Our customer experience (CX) service includes customer journey mapping and CX-led design to help you to streamline your processes, free up your customer service staff, and optimise conversion goals on your website.  

  • User & stakeholder engagement.

    Get on the same page from the get go. We can help engage internal and external stakeholders to ensure goals and outcomes are aligned in your digital projects. We also conduct user consultation and research to find out what users actually want from your platforms to prioritise goals.  

  • Content strategy.

    The organisation of your content is as important as the content itself. We can assist in the planning, management and development of your website content as well as conducting content audits, needs analysis and content strategy to support your business processes. 

Who we’ve helped with digital strategy.

Explore some of our work at Zeroseven. We’ve helped businesses across a range of industries to solve complex problems, streamline their digital presence, and optimise their systems and processes.

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How we can help you.

Digital strategy activities.

  • Build a digital roadmap.

    Bring your stakeholders along on the digital journey. In our digital roadmap workshop we help to create a cohesive strategy and action plan, prioritise digital initiatives and deliver a solid plan that defines where you’re going, and how and when you’re going to get there. 

  • Do a feasibility study.

    Want to know if you’ve picked the right digital solution? We can assist with the execution of feasibility studies to define your business problems,  research and analyse alternatives  and propose solutions. We can also prototype solutions and conduct user research to inform actions.

  • Do a competitor analysis.

    How does your digital presence stack up compared to your competitors? We can conduct a competitor analysis to identify key players in your industry, find what’s working for them (and what’s not working for them) in the digital space, and suggest how you can improve on it. 

  • Get an expert review.

    Our expert review service, can help to identify usability problems within a digital interface. This service is based on recognised usability principles and provides feedback as to how the interface meets your user’s needs. With the information at hand, we can help to suggest any actions required to improve and address problem areas identified by the review. 

  • Map a digital journey.

    Step into your customer’s shoes and take a look at the digital journey from awareness to conversion. We can map the visual process your customer goes through to find and navigate your digital platforms and achieve a goal. We  analyse the journey in its current state and propose updates for optimising the journey.  

  • Engage your teams.

    Get buy-in from the team for your digital strategy. Our stakeholder engagement activities help to get everyone on the same page towards a common goal by understanding stakeholder needs and motivations, identifying barriers and creating cohesiveness. We do this through user interviews, team alignment activities, progress meetings and project showcases.  

Want to talk about your digital strategy?

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Launching the recently revamped Mater Education website was a satisfying process due largely to Zeroseven’s understanding of not just the technology utilised by the platforms delivering the website, but by the business and audience requirements of the content being delivered. 

Being able to partner in conversations ranging from design and development to user journeys and user experience resulted in a project that helped ensure the right people across multiple teams were working in an inclusive, and collaborative way. 

Jason Manager Digital Experience and Design

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