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Headless CMS

Free your content.

A Headless CMS is a new approach to content management. It stores your content in a separate repository so that it can be used across multiple channels, giving you complete freedom to choose the technology that your systems use.

Going headless.

  • Headless content.

    A Headless CMS is essentially a content repository. It separates the management of content (production and storage) from the way it is displayed and distributed. This means that content stored in one place can be pushed to a website, a mobile app, a Facebook chatbot, a POS system or a voice assistant such as Google Home or Alexa.

  • Multi channel display.

    If you have content that distributes to multiple channels, you should consider using a Headless CMS. It will ensure that your content teams handle all the production of content and your developers handle the display, independently of each other, avoiding roadblocks in distribution and allowing the content to be displayed independent of any limitations of technology.

  • Technology agnostic.

    Headless CMS systems are technology agnostic, meaning that content stored in this type of CMS can be delivered to a channel beyond a website, such as mobile app, digital signage, smart watch, VR headset or voice assistant. Content can be stored in one place for all of these channels, ensuring consistency for content editors and contributors.

  • Choice of Headless CMS

    All Headless CMS systems are SaaS (Software as a Service) products, supported by the company that produces them. Therefore, levels of support will vary from vendor to vendor and so will pricing. Some common Headless CMS systems include Umbraco Heartcore, Kentico Kontent or Contentful. Choice of system depends entirely on the way you will use the content, what support level you need or what your developer has experience with.

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Solving complex client problems.

Explore some of our work at Zeroseven. We’ve helped businesses across a range of industries to solve complex problems, streamline their digital presence, and optimise their systems and processes.

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Go headless with us.

  • Experienced team.

    We have an experienced team of developers who are experts with recommending and implementing Headless CMS systems. Solutions delivered by us use best practice in development as well as providing the support and training you need for your teams.

  • We understand your challenges.

    We know getting perfect content can be time consuming – juggling different editors, their access to systems and timeframes. We want to help you get the most out of a Headless CMS so you can deliver the best content to your customers.

  • We see the big picture.

    We don’t want to provide stand-alone solutions. We integrate with existing systems to make it easier for you to deliver content where, when and how you want to. We stand beside you and look at the big picture together.

  • Fast and user friendly websites.

    A Headless CMS system can produce fast and user friendly websites with greater scalability using JAMstack. As it decouples content from the CMS system, it can push and publish to anywhere, including flat pages which are lightning fast for the user.

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