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UX & UI Design

Insights-led user experience design and UI development.

Zeroseven’s user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) research and design services help to improve the functionality and usability of websites and applications – in turn improving the interaction between your business and your customer. 

What we do.

UX & UI services.

  • UX research.

    By conducting user experience (UX) research we can inform your custom solution with the understanding of who your users are and what their needs and wants are in relation to your platform. These insights enable actions in design and functionality and lead to more strategic outcomes.  

  • User testing.

    The more you know! Just when we think we’ve nailed the user experience on your site, we make sure it really lives up to its promise. User testing helps us to validate our design and functionality decisions and helps you to understand how users navigate your platform. 

  • UX design.

    Our user centred design service ensures your solutions are created with your customers in mind. With a clear picture of your customers journey, we apply UX principles and accessibility guidelines to create optimal user experiences across your platform. 

  • Information architecture.

    Big websites can get complicated quickly, but we can help. We’ll help to create a navigation and information structure that your users understand, and test the structure with real people. We also optimise the IA for searchability and apply best practice in creating your IA. 

  • Expert UX reviews.

    Not sure if your website is up to scratch? We conduct expert user experience reviews to identify usability problems and recommend improvements. We also conduct specific accessibility audits for WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Compliance. 

Who we’ve helped with UX & UI.

Explore some of our work at Zeroseven. We’ve helped businesses across a range of industries to solve complex problems, streamline their digital presence, and optimise their systems and processes.

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How we can help you.

UI and UX activities

  • Find out what users do.

    Map your customer journeys. We’ll get to the bottom of your customer’s wants and needs with user interviews and journey mapping. We ask about the proposed experience and provide an analysis of motivations, needs and roadblocks. 

  • Do some user testing.

    Not sure if you’ve picked the right solution? We provide user testing with real users to help inform design and structural decisions. This includes testing early prototypes and visual concepts, and can help to save money as we test solutions from the get go. 

  • Try a Design Sprint.

    Bring together the brains in your organisation to help inform your overall solution. In our custom design sprint sessions, we co-design platform solutions with your team to go from prototype to design iteration fast. This is also a great way to overcome roadblocks in a collaborative workshop setting. 

  • Develop some prototypes.

    Prototyping creates wireframes or designs of flow. These prototypes help to test ideas and functionality before you commit to development, and help to get buy-in from shareholders before progressing with the project. 

  • Explore usability testing.

    Through tried and tested usability practices such as tree testing and card sorting, we can find out what how users group and understand information on your website and understand their experience to enable us  improve your product or platform with data. 

  • Define your users.

    Get clear about who your platform users are up front. We’ll help to develop personas to understand who your unique user groups are to help inform user needs, experience, behaviours and goals on your site. These are based on user research and can inform customer journey mapping and UX design. 

Want to talk more about UX and UI Design?

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Being able to partner in conversations ranging from design and development to user journeys and user experience resulted in a project that helped ensure the right people across multiple teams were working in an inclusive, and collaborative way.

Jason Manager Digital Experience and Design

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