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Queensland's newest bank

The brief

QBANK, formally Queensland Police Credit Union, has a long and proud history of looking after the people who look after Queensland. First as a credit union, and now as a member-owned bank. QBANK’s objectives for their new website were:

  • Improve communication with their users
  • Represent the new brand in a contemporary and consistent manner
  • Have flexibility to create custom page layouts
  • Reduce overall duration and outages of deployments
  • Utilise Kentico 9 online marketing tools

The solution

After holding workshop sessions with QBANK, Zeroseven developed numerous modular widgets that would be used to generate the content of the website. Using widgets allows the client to have a high level of flexibility and also provides the ability to create variants of the content to directly target users.

The QBANK website minimises administration time by integrating the widgets with their Product Database, updating an image or product rate will apply the change across the whole site. 

The new QBANK website effectively showcases their new brand and highlights the EMS functionality of Kentico 9.

QBANK website mockup on mobile device
  • Kentico (CMS)
  • Mobile first responsive design
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Custom page layouts using Kentico widgets
  • Icon repository
  • Call to action repository 
  • Product Database integration
  • Banner libary with content personalisation