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Club Super

The brief

The need for a redesign of the public facing Club Super website was identified as part of a new strategic vision for the brand. The Club Super website contains key information for members and employers in Sporting and Recreational clubs. The primary focus of the redesign was to provide an enhanced user experience for their users to join, login and sign up for member sessions quickly and with ease.

The objectives for the new website included:

  • Enable digital brand promotion.
  • Provide customers with the ability to easily find what they need on a website with many content areas.
  • Ensure that different user types are accounted for and can find relevant information.
  • Enable website administrators to manage and update the website in order to keep content up to date.
  • Provide a platform that is accessible and user-friendly in order to be able to be used by a cross spectrum of users.
  • Retire the previous CMS and integrate a modern/full featured CMS into their .Net environment.
  • Take advantage of modern HTML techniques and best practice standards to facilitate a modern browsing experience.

The solution

Zeroseven worked closely with Club Super to develop a comprehensive rebuild of the website. Ensuring that the finished design would provide an enjoyable and valuable experience for the user, Zeroseven focused on the user experience, engaging in workshops and user research practices such as tree testing and user journeys.

Due to the legacy design being over 8 years old, there were a number of features that weren't adhering to modern best practice. The design was revolutionised with features such as an intuitive modern dropdown navigation, a clean, fully responsive layout, and engaging site-wide calls to action that provide a much improved user experience.

Sitecore was chosen as the CMS due to the vast range of tools available to enhance the user experience for Club Super members. Sitecore provides a very robust and scalable solution, perfect for the requirements of the Club Super website.

Club Super website mockup on mobile device