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Free Translating Service

The brief

The Department of Social Services and The Migration Translators have come together to create a website that that allows users with select and temporary visa to have their important documents easily translated to English. Some basic objectives of the new website included:

  • Allow WSC to comply with Google’s new mobile algorithm
  • Allow users of multiple languages to easily use and understand the website
  • Create a streamline process of collecting and processing the applicants data 
  • Enhance usability to make it easy to navigate the site's form
  • Responsive design to view on mobile and tablets
  • Minimal site administration time by The Migration Translators employees

The solution

Zeroseven worked with both The DSS and Migration Translators to develop a site that is mulitlingual, WCAG 2.0 Accesible and responsive accross all devices.
Navigation has been optimised as well as large call to actions so users can easily navigate through the steps of the form with ease.

Australian Government Department of Home Affairs Free Translating Services website mockup on mobile device