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Solution Lead

Paul has a wealth of technical experience working with SME, not-for-profit, government and corporate clients, covering a range of industry sectors.  Since entering the IT industry in 1998, Paul has been involved in a wide variety of projects utilising skills from all areas of the software development lifecycle and agile methodologies.  Paul's combination of experience, technical knowledge and communication skills enable him to effectively analyse requirements, solve problems and recommend the right solution.

Paul's role as Solutions Architect includes working through various aspects of website planning such as software architecture, database design, infrastructure architecture and management, ASP.Net system design as well as Content Management System (CMS) design and project implementation.  In addition to Paul's industry experience, he also holds a degree in Applied Computing as well as technical certifications from Microsoft, Umbraco, Kentico and Sitecore.


  • Kentico Certified Developer

  • Umbraco Certified Professional

  • Microsoft Certified Professional

Did you know?

Paul's first programming language was “BASIC”