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The ‘User Experience‘ is how a user perceives not only a website but your overall organisation. At Zeroseven we want your users to have the best experience that they can and this can be achieved through consultation with real users through different stages of a project.

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Conducting user research is an important part of creating a great user experience and we do this by utilising a range of methods, learning from the results and incorporating this into the site build. From simple and quick user insights or website reviews to extended testing of full website prototypes, we can provide you with the tools needed to make the experience great for all your users.

User Research

When creating an online application it’s important to involve real users in the process. During this phase, we gather requirements and collect insights from people who will be using the product so that we know what to build.

Using a range of methods, the research goes through three distinct phases during the course of a project – from gathering initial user insights through to developing the IA (with the help of users) and onto testing user journeys.


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User surveys & interviews



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User journey mapping



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Watching the user perform tasks


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Analytics analysis

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Card sorting

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Tree testing

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Wireframe testing

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First click analysis

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Integrating UX into a project

Conducting user research can be done at all phases during a project’s life cycle, from initial build to ongoing insight into user behaviour once live.

How/when can we include UX?

  • User research at the start of a new project
  • Testing of wireframes or prototypes before build
  • Testing user journeys on an existing site and seeing what can be improved
  • Testing specific functionality
  • Analysing an existing website through an expert website review

Reporting and analysis

For all user research that is conducted we provide detailed reports of results and recommendations. 

Reports give real statistics about user behaviour which enable open discussion between teams and help make decisions about IA, functionality or layout improvements.

We use the research gathered to shape the site structure or move forward to the next phase of research, enabling us to make decision based on statistics rather than personal preference. In this way the users views are taken into account and the project become truly user centred.

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Website Reviews

At Zeroseven we can review your current website and provide recommendations in a number of areas including:

  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Usability
  • Design
  • Strategy
  • Social Media

We can also analyse existing site statistics to determine the most commonly accessed pages as well as content visibility and user journeys.

Recent UX work

First Five Years

Creating a user centred experience, through solid research was vitally important for this website for an online portal for parents of children 0-5 years.

  • UX research was conducted during all phases of the project including:
  • Initial user surveys
  • Card sorting and tree testing to determine the IA
  • First click analysis to confirm layout
  • User journey testing to confirm overall usability

Screens of First Five Years website