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Waterskiers Connection
Case study

Waterskiers Connection

An online water sports store, supplying a high level of customer service and products to the South East Queensland market.

Waterskiers Connection Main Project Image

The brief

Waterskiers Connection started in 1990 and stock many water sporting brands and products that they believe to be of the best quality and value for money. Their strong reputation has allowed them to acquire clients for life and if they don’t have an item they will find it for you.

Owner Chris Grady has been happy with his existing Zeroseven solution to date; however, as technology has evolved so has his needs. Zeroseven suggested redesigning the site to acheive the following goals: 

  • Allow WSC to comply with Google’s new mobile algorithm
  • Easier ordering process for his clients on mobile/tablet
  • Facilitate more sales through intuitive/simpler navigation
  • Showcase the products without background visual distractions
  • Create digital value through a modernized platform for potential WSC investors
  • Less site administration time by WSC’s employees

The solution

Zeroseven worked with Chris Grady to redevelop the site while maintaining the back-end Umbraco CMS to future proof it for the years to come. The website is now has a modern, responsive deisgn accross all devices.

Navigation has been optimised, including a more traditional search functionality, with filterable and sortable results. Brand and product promotion has been simplified, with newsletter integration and sale flags for products. Size charts and images for products can be edited through the CMS, allowing customisation across the product range. 

  • Online ordering
  • Intuitive navigation and search
  • Product image zoom 
  • Dynamic newsletter
  • Order managment
  • Shipping calculations

The technology