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Case study


Case study:Independent Fund Administrators & Advisers

With almost 20 years of superannuation industry experience and a focus on continual training and use of secure technology, IFAA delivers administration, management, advisory and financial services for small to medium sized super funds.

The Brief

Super compliance, Independence Professionals, and My Super Future are all part of IFAA's larger group of Fund Administrators and Advisers.  IFAA wanted to showcase the features and benefits of each service, yet allow them to each be independent in branding and appearance. Each service has its identity, communication strategy and unique digital needs requiring a series of new websites.

The Solution

It was decided, as a joint strategy, to showcase each service with its own website. Zeroseven in collaboration with IFAA's marketing team, deliberated on a common template with varying color themes to best showcase each service. The websites sit on a joint Umbraco instance for easy maintenance. Unique colors on each template were also deployed to avoid confusion and clarify key messages. However, each property is joined by a common footer so users understand they are connected under IFAA if they are seeking a different IFAA service. A classic corporate design was chosen to communicate IFAA's position as an industry leader in Fund Management. The sites are all one page with anchor navigation to keep the user journey simple and engaging.

  • Umbraco (CMS)
  • Responsive design
  • One page layout
  • Bold graphics
  • Anchor navigation
  • Global footer