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Case study


Case Study:Trustee of The Infrastructure Fund

The Brief

Since working with Zeroseven, Gardior has seized many opportunities to participate in a range of infrastructures emerging in Queensland.  Gardior has identified a need to reskin their existing customer facing website to highlight their re-branding. Some basic objectives for the new website included:

  • To deliver a secure and easy to use customer portal 
  • To provide Gardior business users and stakeholders with the ability to manage their content but allow users to create engaging and dynamic content. 
  • Lay the foundation for a secure platform that will allow for new digital marketing tools to be used in the future.
  • Strong call to actions to position Gardior as a supportive and innovative organisation to existing and future investors.

The Solution

Zeroseven has worked with Gardior to implement Umbraco CMS to manage content and seamlessly integrate the stakeholder and investor information. There is now an ease of navigation through the website areas, and the design feels approachable and professional. Providing a platform for an investor and director portals, the site allows members to log in and obtain copies of documentation and authorized member information.

The new Gardior website is responsive to be accessible on mobile and tablet devices. Innovative marketing strategies capture the users scrolling through the page content of the website.  By redeveloping their website to such a high standard, Gardior has drastically improved their online digital presence.

  • Responsive design
  • Investor and director portal log in
  • Google analytics integrated
  • Umbraco (CMS)