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City council for one of Australia's fastest growing regions

The Moreton Bay Regional is one of the fastest developing areas in Australia with diverse communities and landscape.


The Moreton Bay Regional Council has a range of services, facilities, programs and information for residents and visitors and it is important that all of this information is accessible to all. The website needed to highlight important news and events in the region as well as providing quick links to regularly used services.

The solution

A main factor in the redesign of the site was accessibility compliance (WCAG 2.0) and improved information architecture. This is an important factor in the redesign of government and semi-government websites where information is accessible by a wide variety of users, some with disabilities or impairments.

In designing a solution, Zeroseven looked at the type of information that would be accessed, fonts, colours and layout. The colour palette was carefully selected for compliance and all links, titles and content was carefully considered for compliance.

  • Accessibility compliant design (WCAG 2.0)
  • Revised information architecture
  • Common visual language and style guides
  • Full site navigation

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