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case study

Diabetes Queensland

case study

Diabetes Queensland

Diabetes Queensland aims to raise public awareness and provide practical support and education for people with diabetes and all those associated with the disease.

The Brief

The Diabetes Queensland site plays an important role in the organisation's communication strategy by providing a central information hub and a number of services, including, up-to-date information on diabetes prevention methods, diabetes management techniques and online directories of health professionals and support.

The organisation offers many products for sale under different pricing tiers. One of the challenges of putting these product online was to translate the complexity of the ordering process into a system that was easy to use for all.

The Solution

The site features a diabetes risk assessment tool for users and provides opportunities for involvement and helping to support Diabetes Queensland and online donations. 

The Diabetes Queensland member login area allows members to get access to additional resources and expert advice and receive discounts on management products.

The shop has different pricing tiers depending on what type of customer you are: NDSS, Diabetes Qld or non-member. The appropriate pricing is then displayed for each level.


  • Up-to-date information on diabetes prevention 
  • Member login
  • Online directories of health professionals and support
  • Variable pricing tiers
  • Online risk assessment tool
  • Product search
  • Online donations
  • Dynamic shopping basket updates

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