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Design & UX: Get to know Margaret

Margaret oversees our design and user experience at Zeroseven.  

She’s the conduit between business needs and user needs and creates user centred solutions through research and collaboration. She loves creating solutions that combine visual design with the understanding of what motivates users to do what they do.

So we asked her some questions...


What’s your background? 

I studied Graphic Design at QCA but started designing for digital around 2000 when the web was pretty new. Since then I’ve gained User Experience Qualifications to support my Visual Design learnings to be able to understand users better.  

All my life I’ve been interested in psychology and what makes people tick, so for me it was natural to pursue something that combined design and the understanding of what motivates users to do what they do. 



What do you mostly do at Zeroseven? 

There are a few things I do at different times through a project lifecycle… 


1 / Gather requirements through workshops  

My aim is to get everyone on the same page as to what’s needed and often that doesn’t involve sitting in a meeting and taking a brief. The most effective way of gathering requirements is having team involvement through interactive activities (usually involving big sheets of paper, post-its and sharpies). This allows everyone to have a voice, prioritise elements and requirements.  


2 / Expert reviews of websites and applications 

I work alongside a Technical Architect to provide reviews of websites for best practice in usability and accessibility. With my background in design, I also review for visual appeal and a consistent brand message. 


3 / User testing of navigation, prototypes and visuals 

This is about getting actual users to voice their feelings about a prototype, navigation or design. It’s sometimes surprising what comes out of user testing sessions and gives many valuable insights that can greatly improve a user experience (as well as save money).  


4 / Initial look & feel and concept designs 

I love creating digital experiences that just work. Good design should be almost invisible. It shouldn't get in the way of what a user wants to do and should leave the feeling that it was easy to accomplish a task. 


What about outside of work? 

I love art and design and take time every week to create personal artwork. Currently, I’m creating a collection of ceramics that will be showcased later in the year. 

I also practice hot yoga 3-4 times per week and love it because it’s extra hard and I feel if you can get through a class, you can get through anything in life. 


That’s me in brief!