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Zeroseven 2021 Winter Warmer

We came for the dinner, drinks and company and stayed for the Zeroseven bingo!

By Charlie 2 minute read

Once again, we've have been able to beat the odds of iminent lockdowns and restrictions to get the team together (with partners) for another annual Winter Warmer. This is a tradition at Zeroseven where we gather together every winter to celebrate our team and the fab work that they do.




This year saw us gather at The Loft for a three course meal, a cheeky cocktail or two and some quality face-to-face time - no screens allowed!




Chris and Margaret even had the audacity to interrupt courses with congratulations to the team, reflecting on a year gone by full of huge achievements and looking forward to an exciting future for Zeroseven.




With plenty to cheers to after a big year, it may have been a good thing that the mains arrived before anyone could pop their congratulations champagne.




With very full bellies, we mixed things up with a game of Zeroseven bingo. Much like a standard bingo game but with a twist - instead of numbers we used terms from the past year such as 'you're on mute' or 'technical specification'. Try rhyming that one Chris!




It was a fiercely competitive game with prizes ranging from Champagne to Margaret's homemade dried citrus wheels. It was great to spend some time together as a team. Cheers to another year!