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What is an Umbraco Health Check?

What do you get as part of Zeroseven's Umbraco Health Check and what is it all about?

By Kahli 2 minute read

As Australia’s largest Umbraco Gold Partner, Zeroseven is uniquely positioned to help you make sure you’re getting the most out of your Umbraco website.

If you’ve used Umbraco before, you know there’s no limit to the type of site that can be created with this open-source content management system. But no matter how good your Umbraco site is, it won’t function flawlessly forever without being properly maintained and updated – which is why a comprehensive Umbraco Health Check is an essential part of the onboarding process for all new Zeroseven clients with a pre-existing Umbraco site.

One new client recently told us their Umbraco Health Check with Zeroseven was the best thing they’d ever done for their website.


"Our Zeroseven Umbraco Health check was a fantastic investment and uncovered some deficiencies on the site that we would never have discovered. The report is graded so you can focus on the most critical findings and also see the less severe items that need attention at a later date:


What’s in the Umbraco Health Check?

The Health Check is a thorough evaluation of your Umbraco website’s source code and its implementation. The purpose of the check is to examine the underlying architecture of your Umbraco site and ensure it is configured in alignment with best practices, with a focus on identifying areas where improvements are needed to reach peak performance.

A speed test is also conducted, in order to provide insights on how your page speed can be improved for both desktop and mobile visitors. Not only is page speed crucial to user experience and conversion, but it is also important for search engine optimisation (SEO).  

At the conclusion of the Health Check, you’ll be provided with a comprehensive but easily digestible report outlining Zeroseven’s findings about how your site is performing and how you can improve it.

The report features Zeroseven’s analysis of your Umbraco site’s code quality and CMS useability; an extensive rundown of any updates and patches required for performance or security purposes; guidelines for server maintenance, monitoring, backups and recovery; and recommendations for how your site should be structured and hosted for maximum safety, efficiency and functionality.

The report includes a table with a list of feedback items resulting from the review. The table operates on a straightforward traffic light system – items marked green are functioning optimally; items marked yellow require further review and consideration; and items marked red require urgent attention.  

What’s next?

Once your Umbraco Health Check has been completed, Zeroseven will work with you to solve any issues that need to be addressed, prioritising the items marked red that require immediate action.

Once those urgent concerns have been seen to, Zeroseven’s Umbraco-certified team of solution architects, designers and developers will systematically address each of the items marked yellow until they have been resolved, before putting your site on a support plan to ensure it is kept up to date with upgrades and patches as they arise.

The Health Check also serves as a scoping exercise. Armed with a comprehensive knowledge of the technical requirements of your environment, Zeroseven is able to provide accurate quotes for any work you may require on your Umbraco site in the future.

As you can see, we love talking all things Umbraco – so contact us today to request your Umbraco Health Check.