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Getting to know: Kahli Ryan

Kahli Ryan is our new Project Manager at Zeroseven. Today I sat down to get to know her better to see what makes her tick.


What is your new role at Zeroseven? 

Project Coordinator, I will be managing client projects and cuddling Pablo.


How exciting, what is your professional statement? 

I am a Project Manager with more than 6 years of experience in the technology sector. I am results orientated and motivated to achieve targets. I am hyper-organised and detailed driven to bring processes, people and projects together to achieve results. I am collaborative in developing and nurturing relationships.


Can you tell me about how you got the interview? 

I applied for the job on Sunday night while at the New Zealand airport on my way home from a holiday, on Monday morning at 10am I received a phone call from Elizabeth and she asked to see me at 4pm that afternoon. I had my interview with Elizabeth and Pablo. I then got asked that afternoon to complete some questions and a quiz and I got the job the following day after reference checks. It happened so quickly.


What made you choose Zeroseven? 

In my interview Elizabeth talked so highly of the company and staff. I wanted to work for a company that has an incredible supporting culture. Plus Pablo, how can you say no to that face?


What are some facts about you?

  • I have two rescue dogs, Bounty a 9 year old husky who loves to howl and Luna a 1 year old brindle staffy/greyhound/mastiff mix who loves to snuggle
  • As a kid, I grew up on Thursday Island
  • I won cross country in year 9 and loved playing soccer
  • I love going to the markets
  • I love supporting charities - I rode a bike from Vietnam to Cambodia for World Vision 4 years ago, I always support RSPCA cupcake day and I walked 30km for Fred Hollows last year


I have a few fun questions for you

  • How do you start your day? I am an early bird going to the gym or walking my doggos at 5am and have breakfast at work. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day because who doesn't love pancakes
  • What does a typical weekend look like for you? Uni for the next year, exploring with Bounty and Luna, going out to breakfast and art classes
  • Do you love travel? Where have you been and where next? I love to travel. I was born in Saudi Arabia. I have been to Canada, US, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, NZ, Germany, Japan, Austria, Hong Kong, France and the UK. I hope to be back in Canada next year for a white Christmas
  • Have you met Pablo the resident Zeroseven dog and are you now best friends? Yes and when I wear my hair down we actually have the same wavy hair hahaha - We are twins
  • Do you have a signature dish? Toblerone Cheesecake
  • What can you not live without on your desk at work? My tea pot


Finally, I have some rapid fire questions for you:

Okay go for it,

  • Is your tomato sauce in the cupboard or fridge? Fridge
  • Who do you love more Cats or Dogs? Dogs
  • Cupcakes or Donuts? Both I love sweets way too much
  • Coffee or Tea? Tea and hot chocolate
  • iPhone or Android? iPhone
  • Fav movie ever? It would have to be Ice Age because I love Sid, I think sloths are cool
  • Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate? All chocolate but mainly dark chocolate
  • Who would play you in the movie of your life? Emilia Clarke

Well thats a wrap folks!