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Umbraco Health Check & Rescue

As one of only two Umbraco Gold Partners in Australia, Zeroseven is often asked to recommend improvements to help clients get the most from their Umbraco projects.

So, what exactly do we do in an Umbraco Health Check?

We look through a site and report on a range of features, making recommendations along the way. Our Umbraco Health Check Report includes:

  1. Code quality and efficiency.
  2. Best practice in Umbraco setup and configuration.
  3. Site and network security.
  4. Site optimisation, including caching and errors as well as the .Net application itself.
  5. Umbraco hot-fixes and upgrades.
  6. JavaScript architecture.
  7. Page speed, HTML validation and overall performance.
  8. Web accessibility.

These are common checks across an Umbraco website, but we are always happy to address a particular area of concern or pain point in your Umbraco project. We can also identify design, navigation and user experience outside of Umbraco.

What next?

Once a full health check is complete, Zeroseven can collaborate with you on the best way forward to solve any issues that need to be addressed. We have the largest team of Umbraco solution architects, designers and developers in Australia.

To request your Umbraco Health Check, please contact us about your particular site as we love talking about all things Umbraco.

About Zeroseven

Zeroseven is a digital development house specialising in .Net platforms including Umbraco, Kentico and Sitecore. Established in 2004, Zeroseven has worked with some of Australia's biggest brands. Find out more here.