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Umbraco Cloud will keep your Website Soaring

Cloud storage has become both a popular and logical choice as internet speeds have increased. Users worldwide now opt to store their content on a remote server or 'Cloud', which is backed up and managed by a team of experts. These Cloud managers are able to dedicate time to ensure that these precious files will be secure and delivered back to the user as required, freeing up device or system resources and disc space for other purposes.
Taking Cloud storage one step further; Umbraco CMS, the world's friendliest Content Management System, is now offering a Cloud-based service, combining the predictability of their Azure servers (optimised for Umbraco websites) and the experience of Umbraco specialists to manage your entire website's hosting solution.
Umbraco Cloud makes sense for anyone who wants an Umbraco site without the fuss of managing all the technical mumbo jumbo that go with owning any website. All of your upgrades and deployments are taken care of automatically by the IT management team at Umbraco Cloud. Their unique ContentFlow workflow system gives you the flexibility to work side-by-side with both coders and content editors, making go-live happen all the faster as you don't have to stop and wait for one person to finish their task before you complete yours. All files are secure - all data in the Umbraco Cloud is protected in accordance with the EU Data Protection Directive. And, when it comes to up-scaling your project, or creating an additional website, Umbraco Cloud allows you to reuse components of your existing site, cutting back on your costs and overall timeline.
Packaged to suit a variety of business needs and project sizes, Umbraco Cloud delivers you hosting for your website, Forms, Courier, an Umbraco TV subscription and a host of other shiny features, starting at $30 per month. Check out the full list of features and pricing models on the Umbraco Cloud Pricing page
Still not convinced that Umbraco Cloud is the smartest solution? Try out Umbraco Cloud for free here. You can be up and running within two minutes, and run with one of their test environments for 14 days - with no obligations or payments required. 
When you are ready to move forward with your website project on Umbraco Cloud, and are looking for a certified Umbraco partner, give Zeroseven a call on 3844 0001. We have three Umbraco certified developers on hand, and a team of technical and design experts who will, along with the Umbraco cloud team, work to make your ideas a reality.