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Zeroseven Receives 3/3 on Kentico Worldwide's Top Sites of the Month

After pouring hours of time into a web application, it's always nice to be recognised when the project exceeds the requirements and is branded a success for all involved. What's better is if the recognition is international, given the broader competition design agencies face on that scale. And what's even better than that, is if the accolade is awarded three months in a row, for three separate projects. It's a clear sign that what you're producing is the right solution.

And so it is with great pride that Zeroseven announces we have achieved just that; not one, but three consecutive acknowledgements for three of our most recent projects on the acclaimed Kentico Sites of the Month Showcase blog. 


Let's look at the projects that made the list, and what the judges at Kentico had to say about them:


1. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Zeroseven has created an on-demand, multi-document content promotion tool which leverages the Staging Module API, Kentico REST service, Media API and internal document type objects.

-- via Kentico Top 10 Websites for October 2017


2. Racing Queensland

Zeroseven was involved in Racing Queensland's strategy process from the start of the rebranding project and worked to create a multifunctional site that is user-friendly, engaging and one that will stand the test of time through dynamic functionality. Kentico Marketing Automation is utilised to manage various content channels including, but not limited to, email marketing, news and event pages, automated participant notifications, and dynamic generation of race schedules and results linking to participant profiles and replays.

-- via Kentico Top 10 Websites for December 2017


3. Australian Red Cross

The goal of the website redesign was to enable editors to have full control over their content and display, and give them the ability to build and manage their pages and campaigns quickly and easily. Kentico’s ability to build pages from templates using Content Widgets has given Red Cross the freedom they need to create pages the way they want, with the confidence that the whole site will remain easy to use and accessibly compliant.

-- via Kentico Top 10 Websites for January 2018


As you can imagine, the Zeroseven team couldn't be more chuffed. In particular, the most recent award for the Australian Red Cross website has meant a lot to the team involved.


"It means a great deal for the new Australian Red Cross site to be awarded Site of the Month. It really shows that the hard work in usability research, graphic design and development has paid off! The client loves the new site, so this is a great cherry on the top."

-- Damian Joy, Zeroseven Project Coordinator


Kentico have weighed in on the quality of Zeroseven's work, in particular noting the willingness to tackle solutions with more intricate needs, and produce a website that not only meets but exceeds those requirements:


"Australian Red Cross trusted Zeroseven to implement their new website based on the experience and tight relationship with Kentico. Kentico also powers Canadian Red Cross website and multiple other non profit sites globally. Zeroseven were able to meet the standards and requirements for a large scope of multiple sites for AIHW. Zeroseven is no stranger to handling complex projects in the very highest level in government and we at Kentico trust Zeroseven to represent us for these clients."

-- Meri Kukkonen, Kentico Territory Sales Manager


Zeroseven have been Gold Partners with Kentico, the all-in-one CMS, e-commerce, and online marketing platform, for several years now, and this most recent achievement is testament to Zeroseven's commitment to both the platform, and ensuring that they produce the very best for their clients.  


"The team at Zeroseven set themselves very high standards and it's fantastic to be acknowledged for our quality of work three months in a row at an international level.  This demonstrates that with the Kentico CMS and in partnership with our clients we are developing world class work."

-- Chris Thompson - Director


Congratulations to everyone involved in these three now internationally-acclaimed projects, and here's to producing more award-winning websites in the future.