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Umbraco Down Under!

This month, history was made at the first Umbraco Down Under Conference in the southern hemisphere! A selection of the Zeroseven team travelled down to the Gold Coast to embark on what was a “fun and jam-packed 3 days spent on every facet of Umbraco plus meeting so many great devs and contributors.”- Kat, Zeroseven Application Developer. We asked the team to talk about what they got up to at the festival and which of the activities they enjoyed the most.  


Day 1 & 2- Training + certification

Some of our developers received their Umbraco certifications after the first day of training where they learnt a lot about best practices for improving the extensibility and maintainability of our websites.
“The training itself was great, validating development methods and paradigms that we have been doing for the longest time at Zeroseven, or had at least future plans to do. Upon completing the training my certification status went from Umbraco professional to Umbraco expert” – Craig, Zeroseven User Interface Developer 


Day 3- Hackathon 

Day two the developers were challenged to a Hackathon which was a great introduction to the code that makes up Umbraco. “Taking a look at what’s under the hood is really interesting and seeing how other developers structure projects often helps refine our own practices.” – Haydon, UI Development Manager 
The hackathon was quite the learning experience which helped open their eyes to the complexity of working on an open source project and how rewarding contributing to open source could be. 

Kat said “It made us feel like we were really part of the Umbraco community.”


Pre-festival party at Balter Brewery 

When the Hackathon was complete, the team piled into a bus to head to the conference pre-party, eventually arriving at the Brewery where they enjoyed some delicious craft beers and tacos

Festival-goers spent a long night chatting with other developers and industry professionals in a trendy and relaxed setting, exchanging ideas and discussing industry experiences.


Day 3- Conference

Friday was the last festival day, and the main event, featuring fantastic speakers had something interesting to introduce. Split into two streams. one conference was suited to the developers, and the other was themed development and business;  at which our very own Elizabeth Gibbons gave an engaging presentation on 'selling Umbraco to the real world'. 


The team boasted that the festival was very well organised, ran smoothly and was full of interesting presentations. They said it had a friendly, relaxed atmosphere about it & everyone was really approachable. Getting the opportunity to meet the founder and other senior members of the Umbraco team was a great experience for everyone.

Haydon added, "I’m impressed at how, particularly in the last couple of years, Umbraco has taken on a more professional, reliable and regular approach when it comes to product updates and communication. It gives me a lot of confidence in the platform and it’s future."

The conference was truly exciting to be a part of and the team hope that they get to experience it again in 2019. There is some truly great things coming to Umbraco, and Zeroseven can't wait to see the progression of the Umbraco platform and the Australian Umbraco conference into the future.