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What is Brendan O'Keeffe all about?

Brendan O'Keeffe has achieved amazing things in his career, he is a proud dad and works on some of the largest solutions in the Zeroseven portfolio. Today I sat down to get to know my desk-neighbor better, probing him with questions about success, digital, and what makes him tick.


Introduce yourself! What is your role at Zeroseven, Brendan?

I’m senior the project coordinator, responsible for the end-to-end delivery of Zeroseven projects to a high quality and to client requirements. There’s a healthy mix of project management, administration, client engagement and business development in everything I do. Mainly though, I allow the clients to focus on their strategy and execution. I engage a wide variety of stakeholders; from the directors, c-level and senior management to the key operational staff making things happen, ensuring our projects are delivered according to expectation.


Impressive. So, what does a typical day look like?

Digital is a fast-pace industry so I’m generally an early start, and no one day is the same as the last. We create bespoke solutions and so while there are similarities in some projects, every day has a new challenge! 


Yup, always armed with a large coffee! Alright, so what are the biggest achievements in your career to date?

I’ve really enjoyed being a part of significant digital projects from early in my career, from implementation to management. The main highlights are expanding the reach of business and organisations with ICT solutions, successfully migrating old, on prem software solutions to web-based solutions and driving innovation in delivering integrated and automated digital systems for a number of large organisations across Queensland and Australia.


What would you recommend to a client who is looking to build a new website or web solution?

For a bespoke and integrated digital solution you can’t look past us at Zeroseven. There’s a relationship between cost, quality and time that every solution needs to be mapped against. Generally, if you have a vision to grow your digital presence we’re your first stop on the road map. We can even help you create the map! 


Christmas is quickly getting closer; what are you looking forward to in the new year?

My third year! We’ve a lot to look forward to with Kentico 11 and the enhancements to their marketing suite, and we’ll have a Sitecore project launching in the first quarter. Keep your eye on the blogs! 


Congratulations on your third anniversary! You work with a lot with our clients building new projects. What are the top trends you are seeing in digital this year?

We’re seeing more and more projects focusing more on the user experience (UX) rather than traditional design, and almost every project involves a lot of integration. Capitalising on already developed internal and external data sources, low-cost (and op-ex rather than cap-ex) automation tools and outsourcing infrastructure (cloud) are the big opportunities to increase business value and drive efficiencies.


What do you believe are your best strengths that you can offer clients?

I add a little bit of commercial acumen, a background in technical integration and old school project management to our projects. Whether it be helping a client define their requirements, working with solution architects and designers to meet or exceed the brief, or convincing a developer to stay back to beat milestone, I’ll add value to any stage of a digital development project.


In your experience, what would you is the most important thing to achieve success in a new digital project?

All of our projects have one thing in common, a clear vision and a desire to leave the digital space a better place. Digital can add value, reduce cost, build engagement, and/or speed up processes for any business. However, it is the vision that the status quo could be better, that ‘do nothing’ is no longer an option, and that we can make our digital experience better that drives success in our projects.


What would your clients say they like about you the most?

A sense of humour and the ability gently caress timelines, deliverables, and milestones to suit their budget and expectations. 


You have two young daughters, what do they love about you the most?

They’re two and four so they really appreciate the simple things; my patience, my sense of humour and playing with them.  


Finally, two things. What is your pet peeve and what keeps you motivated?

Nothing gets on my nerves more than walking past the kitchen and seeing dirty dishes put next to the dish washer! I’m sorry, but it drives me mad. I’m self-motivated, but easily influenced by simple things like money and praise.