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Running the World with Umbraco

I've often said that Umbraco, the content management system, is the unsung hero behind many a great website. It just doesn't get the attention it deserves. 

Case in point is our web and mobile application Run The World, which uses Umbraco to efficiently and without any fuss serve up content on all three of its websites. The web and mobile applications, are predominantly custom MVC and Xamarin code, but as often is the case with an application there is a requirement for content management by the client. When choosing the content management system, solution architect Chris Thompson notes," I wanted a CMS that was flexible, could scale and that wouldn't get in the way of this complex project." Run The World has a growing subscription base of over 5000 members who log in daily, using various devices to monitor their unique journeys. Umbraco allows Run The World's team to keep the sites up to date and be in control of all their marketing activities.

"Performance was also a key objective in our CMS choice," continued Chris Thompson when asked about optimizing Umbraco,"We knew Umbraco would stand up to high traffic loads and not put any pressure on the hosting infrastructure ." Since implementing Umbraco, the Run The World sites have experienced a large increase in traffic and Umbraco has not missed a beat. 

Finally, Umbraco allowed the development team to quickly get the sites up and running, utilising it where needed and knowing that it would work harmoniously with areas of core application development.

So if you're an up and coming company with an innovative product like Run The World, I would urge you to have a look at Umbraco to see if it will suit your needs. Umbraco delivers an intuitive content editing experience, excellent performance, and your developers will love your choice. 

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