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Waterskiers Connection Website Refresh

In 2017, Waterskiers Connection (WSC), undertook a significant refresh of their website, with the aim of delivering a fully responsive modern ecommerce site that facilitates increased sales and delivers customers the very best user experience across all platforms. 



Responsive Design

Waterskiers Connection now seamlessly transitions between devices. This dramatically enhances user experience, particularly on mobiles and tablets, allowing WSC to comply with Google’s new mobile ranking algorithm. Users will now be able to access and shop from WSC, with ease, on all their devices.



Optimised Navigation

Navigation of the site has been redesigned to include a more traditional search functionality that enables results to be filtered and sorted.

Product categories can be viewed as part of the main navigation site rather than as a product list on the left side of the website. A top navigation bar now houses additional items. This menu design optimises user experience, allowing users to locate products easily, without the need to navigate multiple areas of the site.



Designed for Ecommerce

Ecommerce imagery has been refreshed, allowing images to be displayed on a white background. This adds a fresh, clean look to the site and highlights products more effectively than the previous grey, busy background. This small change will result in a more engaging user experience.

The cart checkout process has also been simplified. Customers now experience a smoother purchasing process making online shopping with WSC even more attractive. 



Modern Design

The new website features a modern, clean design. White space is used to highlight products and small pops of colour accentuate product features and additional information. The modernised platform adds significant digital value and greatly enhances the online presence of WSC, placing Waterskiers Connection as a serious contender in the online water ski equipment market. 


WSC’s recent website refresh has modernised the company’s online image. With a fresh, clean design, specialised ecommerce features users will be sure to experience an improved online browsing experience for years to come.