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Fit-office Challenge

Zeroseven like to "ahhh..push(it)" the boundaries of the typical web development office by challenging ourselves to various physical pursuits. With an 'Ironman' as our founder and director (Chris), we like to do things differently.

Over the last month we are all participating in a team fitness challenge, testing our endurance and persistence, while keeping our bodies moving. For six weeks, the team will have the opportunity to participate in three activities (or more) a week, with the winner hopefully going to all 18 sessions! 

Twice a week we make our way over to our local gym at Studio 99 and Blake, our personal trainer, always has something new for us to try. Whether it's an hour of weight circuit, boxing, or a bit of cardio, each session offers a fresh challenge which allows us to strive for our absolute limits. 

Once a week we take it down a notch with a relaxing yoga session in the foyer of our office. We love to roll out our mats and let our instructor help us stretch out our bodies and clear our minds. After our final "namaste", there is always a new energy felt in the office, and we are recharged to get back to work.

To keep things interesting, we have even added some fun activities to the fitness challenge with some 'wildcard' rounds to earn extra points. Check out the team looking 'rad' in their '80s gym gear, and our acai "buffet" which was so refreshing after a gym session.

Since the challenge started, the team have seen improvements in not only their health and fitness, but also team morale and motivation in general. Our next team activity will be to conquer the Bridge to brisbane and we are all looking forward to continuing our efforts after the challenge is finished.