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How to save time on your support plan

Follow these six steps to start saving time on your support plan!  



"Log in and lodge"

Use the Support Portal

The Zeroseven support portal is the hub of support which facilitates the exchange of information between you, the client, and the Zeroseven team. The purpose of the portal is to ensure that all tasks are documented correctly and clearly and that all updates are visible and can be accessed by Zeroseven and yourself in one area. The support portal also tracks the hours used and available in the month, assisting you managing your support hours.

All support tasks should be logged in the support portal. By logging them it saves your support time and can prevent any mistakes in recording the information being relayed



"Fill us in"

Detailed briefs

The more information you give us from the beginning, the easier and quicker we can get started on the solution. Chasing up more detail or 'flying blind' may be eating away at your support hours, so be as specific as you can when adding tasks to the support portal.

The following items (if applicable) should be included when adding a task to the support portal, to ensure it is well understood and clear:

  • URL of the page you are referring to
  • Screenshots
  • Error messages
  • Mock-ups or examples
  • Example import/export files



"You're a pro!" 


Why not get training from one of our developers and become a savvy content administrator? We can not only give you one-on-one CMS training, but we also bring in experts in the industry now-and-then to provide advanced industry knowledge. Keep an eye out in our newsletters for the next training session or contact your support coordinator to learn more.



"Finalise and Prioritise"

Review your tasks before you submit

Before submitting a support task, it is important that all requests are reviewed and finalised. Support time is used every time a task is re-opened or amended, so it is best to have the solution ironed out before we get started. 

We do our best to tackle your work quickly and efficiently, so once the task is submitted, expect it to be actioned as is!

Using the "priority" status will assist us in scheduling your task. High priority tasks may require us to re-assign other client work to accommodate. Please keep this in mind when assessing the urgency of your task to help us gauge the order of priority and flow of the schedule. 



"Time to go live!"


Releases are the last step in the support task process. Ensuring this process is as efficient as possible means hours are saved. Generally, it is more practical to 'bank up' a few support tasks and have them tested and ready before a live deployment is scheduled.

During deployments, we need to be satisfied key functionality is working as expected and/or provide confirmation that our testing has yielding the expected results (eg. enquiry emails received, orders received, etc.)

Testing is also a joint collaboration between Zeroseven and yourself and any issues need to raised promptly to minimise impact and required more support time to fix.



"Due for a service"

Stay up to date to prepare for the future

In the quick-paced digital industry, staying up-to-date is key. We recommend that you consider updating or refreshing your website at least every couple of years. This caters to the growing expectations of your users and can increase the longevity of your website. 

Just like owning a car, your website may be due for a 'service' more often than you know. This includes:

  • Software hotfixes and upgrades
  • Performance analysis
  • Design updates
  • Security review

Staying in touch with these items will save you from needing to spend even more support hours trying to fix issues in the future when your website "breaks down." 


If you would like to learn more about our support service, please contact us anytime.