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Widgetised Email Templates

At Zeroseven, we can build you a custom email template for your Kentico site that allows you to add content and control the way it’s displayed through the use of widgets.

Widgets are components that can be placed onto pages to display static, dynamic and interactive content. Widgets allow people with no technical knowledge to build entirely new pages and then maintain them, and we’ve brought this functionality across to email campaigns and newsletters.

Using the Zeroseven email template as an example, we can show you how we build our emails, event invites and newsletters using widgets.


Adding our first widget

We start off by creating a new email page, which provides us with a blank canvas to work with. We can then add our first widget with the click of a button.

Adding a new Kentico widget

The widgets available depend on the type of content you need to display in your emails. For the Zeroseven newsletter, we only have four different widgets, but depending on your needs you may have more or less.

We’re going to add a “Spotlight” widget, which allows us to display a large image, some text and a link.

Selecting a widget in Kentico


Edting the widget's properties

We can then add the content we want to display to the fields within the widget, and save the widget to the email.

Editing the email widget's properties

When saved, the widget displays our content in the email.

Finished adding our first widget in Kentico


Adding more widgets

We can then use two of our other widgets to display the rest of our content. The “2 column” widget displays the event details, and the “CTA” widget displays a large clickable link, directing people to donate online.

Finished adding all required email widgets in Kentico

Once we’re happy with our email, we can then send it out directly through Kentico, or through another service like Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp.

There are, of course, many different layouts and methods for displaying content on a page or in an email. Almost anything is possible, and we’ve created widgetised email templates for a number of our clients to make it as easy as possible to display content the way they want.

Call us today on 07 3844 0001 if you’d like to talk about developing a widgetised email template for your business. You can also kick things off by requesting a quote through our online form.