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Top Tips from our Client Success Consultant

Shelyce is Zeroseven's in-house marketing consultant and has helped dozens of clients get success on the Kentico platform in particular the Online Marketing Capabilities. 

To start off, what is your role at Zeroseven Shelyce?

Officially, I am a Project Coordinator for our support clients. 

What does a typical day look like?

I am lucky enough to have quite a varied role. Each day is different and could range between supporting clients, consulting with perspective customers, marketing activities and events, research, training and keeping our office looking beautiful.

Shelyce, you work with alot with our eCommerce clients. What are the top trends you are seeing in their digital marketing strategies this year?

Recently there has been dramatic shift towards performance- driven digital marketing. More than ever, marketers are required to deliver results and higher-ups have more concern for the digital realm. 

The hottest trend I've seen this year is of course marketing automation. Clients need their digital solution to work for them so that not only does it save them time, it ensures their leads are nurtured and an opportunity is never missed. 

Kentico's marketing automation features have offered many of our clients a key tool to drive their business success.

It sounds like there is a lot available with Kentico, what is your favourite feature?

Apart from marketing automation, I really like the personalisation features Kentico offers. Personalisation seems to impress my clients the most out of all the features. 

The best way to keep your visitor interested and engaged is to keep the content relevant. This tool gives our clients the ability to personalise their website content to target their users based on their browsing behaviour, demographics and interactions with their site.  

Where would you point a client who is struggling with the online marketing capabilities to get help?

Kentico has a library of manuals and guides available in Kentico’s resources on their website. which are really user friendly and conveniently updated when a new version is released. However, I am always happy to assist with any Kentico queries that our clients may have. If I don’t have the answer, I will be determined to find it.  

What are you looking forward to in version 10 of Kentico coming in November?

I have overheard some discussion between our developers who are looking forward to some improvements in version 10 that will save them time when developing a site on the Kentico platform. As project developers, any areas we can save time, we are always happy about! 

What are some easy wins clients can accomplish with minimal development help with Kentico?

The great thing about Kentico is it’s out of the box features. One tool that I find simple to use and really helpful is the A/B test feature. 

Creating two different variants of one page and letting Kentico measure your conversion results will save a whole lot of time and research. 

In your experience, does Kentico save you time and energy?

There is no question about it. Kentico is a solid solution and is much more than just a content management system. 

How can Kentico users or potential users get in touch if they want to learn more?

The can always contact us or give us a call on 07 3844 0001. Also, subscribing to our newsletter will ensure they receive our recent blogs and invitations to any Kentico events. 

There's a rumour you're thinking of doing the Kentico Marketing competency, is that true? 

It sure is. Acheiving great results in the online marketing competency exam is a huge goal for me this year. it will not only highlight my extertise, but will also prove to myself, and our clients my qualification as a kentico expert.