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Boasting the best!

Zeroseven is proud to announce that we have two website award winners in the 2015 Interactive Media Awards. The Idealpos website, in the category 'Computer Software', has won the IMA Best in Class Award with an overall score of 491! The Dynamic Wheel Co. website, in the category 'Automobile', has won the IMA Best in Class Award with an overall score of 494!


The Dynamic Wheel Co.

The Dynamic Wheel Co. story started in 1989, when Chris Hummer as a qualified diesel technician started his own automotive repair business which grew over time. After exposing a gap in the range of 4WD wheels available in the market, the team at Dynamic Wheel Co. have now helped identify and design features in their wheels that make them more suitable for Australian conditions. With years of expertise and knowledge in the 4x4 and automotive industry, Dynamic Wheels now offers the very best wheels available in Australia.



Idealpos is a producer of stock control Point of Sale solutions used to support a variety of industries. Servicing over 10,000 installations in Australia and throughout the world, Idealpos offers a range of quality POS hardware and the latest POS software systems suitable for different business needs. Idealpos identified to Zeroseven the need to update their website to shape them as an industry leader, recreating functionality on the Kentico CMS solution. The new Idealpos website provides a user-centred design in which customers are guided by clean and simplified navigation through the website and are captured by dynamic graphic design elements. The website offers its users self- service tools which allow users to download software and firmware for POS. Also, it integrates a Support Ticketing system as well as an interface to preview Software licenses and API keys.


The award

The Best in Class award is the highest honor bestowed by the Interactive Media Awards. It represents the very best in planning, execution, and overall professionalism. In order to win this award level, your site had to successfully pass through our comprehensive judging process, achieving very high marks in each of our judging criteria - an achievement only a fraction of sites in the IMA competition earns each year.


Judging System and Results

To win an award your entry had to successfully pass through our comprehensive judging system. Our judges utilize a points-based scoring system which allows each entry to receive a maximum of 500 points. By adhering to the specific guidelines and criteria of this system our judges are able to maintain the highest degree of fairness, accuracy and integrity; competently and effectively evaluate entries; and, deliver clear results.

Your project was scored using five specific criteria, with a score from 0-100 awarded for each criterion. The total of these five scores established your overall score up to a maximum of 500. Websites receiving an overall score between 460 and 479 receive our Outstanding Achievement Award. Websites receiving an overall score between 480 and 500 receive our Best in Class award.