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BSB Annual Showcase 2016

On Tuesday 14th June, Elizabeth and Shelyce attended Business South bank's huge Annual Showcase event. This year's event was particularly encouraging to attend as it was officially the largest Showcase ever, aimed at increasing business to business interaction.

Along with other familiar faces from local businesses within our network, we set up our Zeroseven branded booth in the spectacularly decorated hall at TAFE Queensland. 

With the theme “Grow your business”, the room was full of sunflowers and even a giant beanstalk stood in the middle of the room to represent the events encouragement of success and growth of the local businesses within the area. 

Our stall boasted some delicious branded cupcakes which temped attendees to come over and chat to Elizabeth and Shelyce about the great digital solutions including Kentico that we can provide businesses. With a short five-minute limit before the bell sounded to move on to the next stall, this was plenty of time for us to explain what we do, exchange business cards and offer a gorgeous cupcake. 

Overall, the event allowed us to network with businesses around us as well as meet potential future clients. We were even lucky enough to meet people who worked in the buildings close to our office which has enabled us to form some great relationships with our neighbours. 

Shelyce was able to further benefit from her networking, finding out after the event that she had won a prize in one of the business card draws!

As a long-time regular Showcase attendee, Zeroseven looks forward to attending similar events in the future. We would like to give a special thanks to the BSB committee for hosting such a well-organised and for the effort they put in to create such a successful event.