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QBANK loves widgets!

We are excited to share with you the secret behind the new QBANK Kentico website… Widgets! To help understand how this website came together, we will take you through the initial process and how the project evolved.

In our first workshop with QBANK, the team worked together to map out the entire content elements from QPCU's existing site. This initial workshop helped to outline the layouts they were used for the different page templates of the current site. Next step, we listed all of the missing content styles that QBANK were dreaming of having in their new website and focused on content we knew would generate valuable leads for the client. The final list was long, and some elements were quite complex. Furthermore, to add another challenge, page layouts had different content for particular products, articles, and listing pages.

To acheive everything that the QBANK team had dreamed of, our solution needed to minimise the number of unique page templates and to maximise the amount of flexibility, utilising the Kentico CMS's out-of-the-box functionality. We decided the key would be to use widgets to give QBANK the ability to create custom content layouts for each page.

In order to decide on what widgets were required, the Zeroseven team wireframed all of the current content, with the addition of all the wish list items. To start with, we used preliminary widgets to create visual representations of the pages for the new website.  This was a great way to show what was missing or what wasn’t required to build a page and resulted in a plan to design and create 30 unique widgets which would serve as the website content's building blocks. 


Designing widgets

When it was time to begin the design of the 30 widgets, we knew the overall layout of the page needed to be customised, and each widget to be placed in any order. This meant the widgets all had to work together, have the same layout rules, but also be unique in their own way. After basic constraints and rules were created, we then set out to design the widgets. We really wanted to highlight the great brand imagery and deliver a great user experience for each widget. Below are three of our favourite widgets, they are even better when you interact with them on the site.








About Kentico

Kentico brings smart integrated digital marketing to businesses of all sizes with a comprehensive suite of solutions. With Kentico's Web Content Management, Online Marketing, E-commerce, Online Communities, and Intranet & Collaboration solutions, clients can deliver superior cross-channel customer experiences across all devices. Based on the Microsoft .NET platform, Kentico comes with 450 web parts and fully documented API and is available on-premise or in the cloud. Flexible, robust and scalable, Kentico delivers right-first-time technology, out-of-the-box speed, and affordable sophistication to help customers meet their goals faster and more profitably.


Kentico Widget's and Content Personalisation

Widgets empower end users and lower the workload of developers. Widgets are components that can be placed onto pages and they provide static, dynamic, or interactive content, allowing users without technical knowledge to create part or even whole pages.

Thanks to Content Personalisation, you can get more leads and conversions by presenting each visitor with personalized content within these widget's, ensuring that you are tailoring relevant content to the appropriate audience.