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The Secret to Marketing Success

As a modern marketing professional, I am always concerned about my web user’s actions and desires, so that I am ready to offer what they want when they want it. 

I know everything I need to know about the different personalities that browse through my website. I can track their journey getting there, what catches their interest and I can easily harness that knowledge to capture their attention and tailor my sales approach to each individual. 

Now keep scrolling, because I’m about to share my most valuable secret. It’s not a trick, it’s not too complicated, and I don't have a whole team behind me. It’s simply Kentico’s sophisticated Enterprise Marketing Solution and this resource certainly makes my life a lot easier. When it comes to delivering a remarkable customer experience, it is imperative that each lead is nurtured through their journey from Interest through to loyalty. Kentico’s fully integrated marketing and content management tool provides the ultimate digital platform that delivers all the tools I need, in one single, easy-to-use product. 

There’s a reason our team at Zeroseven have committed to building some of our most successful and awarded websites in the Kentico platform, and I’m about to tell you why using my six user relationship phases that are all built into the Kentico EMS functionality.



Pick and Choose

A/B Tests

It’s best to let your market guide you. Even when I think I’ve chosen the perfect design for a landing page on our website, an A/B test is going to confirm or deny my decision. A/B testing allows you to create two variants of the same page and test the options on your live site, measuring which one has generated a better response or more conversions. After the test, you can choose the most favoured variant to stay featured without doubting your decision! 



Acquaint Yourself

Contact Management 

This phase is when I get to know each and every one of my users. It would be a shame to waste the opportunity to familiarise yourself with every contact that has shown interest in your website.  Contact management collects all the data for you that you need to know about your users, and stores the details in the Kentico back-end. Every user that enters your website is tracked, and their activities, form field entries and browsing journey is collected and saved to their unique user profile. 




Find a Fit


Now, Kentico can help you use the data stored about your contacts, and this is when the magic happens. Your next step would be to allow Kentico to group your users into segments based on the types of activities they do on the website, as chosen by you. These segments are just like target markets which you can then specifically focus your efforts. Kentico's built- in email marketing process is as easy as selecting a contact segment and hitting send.  




Make it Worth it


I value the fact that Kentico will help me assess the success of my marketing campaigns. When I have particular ROI's to hit, and I want to see how many conversions resulted in a campaign, this is the tool of the trade. The campaigns application allows you to generate and track URL parameters as well as outline costs, goals and your return on investment. This application, combined with Kentico's built in web analytics provides accurate and efficient monitoring of any marketing activity and even generates detailed reports for visits, conversions and user activity.



The Clique 


You always seem to hear the term "we live in a digital world" recently. Utilising the way people now use technology to connect with the market is exactly what Web Personalisation allows me to do. This application allows you to shape the user experience into one that is tailored to match the interests and wants of each user. It all starts when the user defines themselves as a particular pre-determined persona via their online activities. That's when Kentico steps in and morphs the page they are visiting into a customised experience, tailored to what we already know the user is interested in. Without knowing it, your market is now being handed exactly what they asked for without hunting for it.



Nature or Nurture

Marketing Automation

Now let's convince the user that it's worth their while to stay. It is one thing to provide your customers with the right tools to give them access to your products or services. It's another to ensure they are nurtured through their entire journey, convincing them that they are making the right choices. Marketing Automation does exactly that. Once set up, this application will automatically trigger events that occur when my website users are showing enough interest that they would benefit from an extra push. All the fantastic built-in marketing solutions within Kentico are, therefore, leveraged with this tool, orchestrating them to create high customer engagement. The marketing automation application not only saves me time, but it also increases my sales outcomes.