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Renew your Kentico license

Having valid Kentico maintenance is something we here at Zeroseven highly recommend to all of our clients. Think of it as an investment that in the long run can save you a lot of headaches. The facts speak for themselves. When our clients ask us why they should renew their maintenance with Kentico, it isn’t long before they are convinced.


Why not take advantage? Here's what you get with Kentico:

  • No Kentico fee for version updates 
  • Access to new Kentico features and performance 
  • Access to technical support from Kentico professionals 
  • 7-day bug fixing policy on latest versions from Kentico support


Let’s break it down...


Don’t get left behind

Simply put, if you decide to stick with an older version of Kentico and avoid the maintenance renewal fee, it means you will not be using the strongest product available. Running an older version of Kentico also, may become difficult when you upgrade Windows, .NET, or hosting. 


Save your budget

Everything included in your active maintenance; you receive at a fraction of the cost of what you would pay without it. An ongoing maintenance agreement will help you avoid any higher charges with Kentico for upgraded version keys and support that will be more expensive after it expires.

Get Support

Would you want to risk having limited support next time you’re in trouble? Not only will this cost you, but the express remote assistance or pay-as-you-go Kentico support may not provide you with the most efficient core platform support or upgrade assistance.


What now?

With an active maintenance agreement, you are safe from paying any unnecessary Kentico fees in the future. Plus, in partnership with Zeroseven, we can keep you up to date with Kentico upgrades. What price can you put on getting things done on time and with less stress? I bet you’re convinced now.

To find out more about Kentico maintenance renewals, browse through the maintenance pages on or download the PDF here. Don't forget that Kentico support is independent from Zeroseven support plans, we suggest doing both to get the most out of the Kentico platform.