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Kentico Training at Zeroseven

We are very excited to be welcoming Boris Pocatko, an experienced solution architect from Kentico, all the way from Sydney to our office in West End, Brisbane to host a week of intense Kentico training! From the 22nd of February, over four days, Boris will be conducting two sessions that will be designed to teach essential skills in either content administration or online marketing essentials.

This is a huge opportunity to learn more about the wide array of functionality within the Kentico platform while having hands-on training with a Kentico professional. Lunch and afternoon tea will also be provided during the training sessions. Please note that you will be required to bring a laptop device with you to participate.

After completing Content administration training on the 22nd and 23rd Feb, you will be able to:

-    Create and edit site content
-    Use page templates
-    Use dynamic content

For more information, read the full syllabus 

After completing Online Marketing Essentials Training on the 24th and 25th Feb, you will be able to:

-    Understand analytics reports
-    Create campaigns and watch conversions
-    Automate marketing process

For more information, read the full syllabus

Contact us for more information on pricing and to secure your spot!