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Trendy Cooper Tires

Cooper Tires have fulfilled their 2016 new-years resolution with a brand new website design. Taking advantage of more modern web trends, Zeroseven worked with Cooper Tires to re-design their website and update it with a fresh new look and more advanced functionality.



Added Functionality

The new Cooper tires website now has a great new tool that allows their cutomers to compare their tires to find the best value possible. This added functionality is in addition to the refresh of the retailer search and Tyre Finder which have undergone a complete facelift. 

A mega menu for the main navigation also allows users to access these key tools with ease. Users can simply hover over the menu to gain quick access to main features of the website, without the need to navigate to a new page. 



Engaging User Experience

The Cooper Tires website has increased engagement with its user with the addition of microinteractions throughout the user journey. Rather than browsing through a static page, the user is now interacting and feeling rewarded by their experience.

Clickability is highlighted with animated hovers and colour changes. Call to actions have become enticing, with links underlining upon hover. A hambuger menu icon on the mobile version of the website infers a list which opens up to the main navigation when pressed. Even when scrolling, menus are less static and follow you down the page. Together, these small additions add huge personality.



Clean Design

A minimalist approach has been taken to the new Cooper Tires website design. In line with current trends, negative space has been used to stylistically display content and create impact. This new look has made the website visually easier to look at and read.

Not only has this approach highlighted content, it also reduces load times and strips away distractions. Important elements stand out with the help of the negative space around them, complimented by the colour scheme.

The new design has retained many of the minimalist benefits, but is still able to feature more content. Not only has the width of the desktop design expanded, the homepage opens with a large, impactful banner image and the content density increases as the scroll deepens below the fold.



Vibrant Branding

Complementing the minimalist design, bold, bright colours in line with the Cooper Tires brand have been utilised throughout. Specifically, a duotone colour palette of blue for the bulk of content and red for stand-out items has been used in the new design.

Shades of grey help break up sections of content and compliments the main colour scheme, helping it stand out without being over-bearing.

As mentioned with microinteractions, using different shades of the blue and red work perfectly for differentiating between different sections. Changing the colour shade of the links also communicates clickability or interactivity.




Responsive website design is now more best practise than a trend. Zeroseven ensure that not only are new websites designed to respond on mobile devices, but the responsiveness is carried out to the highest quality, with the best performance outcome possible. 

Viewing the Cooper Tires website from one device to another is a seamless process, that does not cheat the user of valuable functionality and the same great user experience. 


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