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Certified in UX

By Margaret 5-10 minute read

I have been a practicing UX practitioner for some time now, but recently I completed the UX certification program from the Neilsen Norman Group (NN/g), who are world renowned leaders in the UX field.

Since I first started out in digital design pre-2000, Jakob Neilsen (the founder of NN/g) was regarded as the leading authority on usability and user experience (although it wasn't widely known as user experience then) so I was excited to be learning from the best in the business. 

The course was fantastic; there were a lot of interesting topics covered in depth with real examples from the experts. It reinforced what I already knew and gave me an insight into the processes that are going on world wide to make the web a better place for real people.

What's most important to consider is that UX research doesn't have to be time consuming and expensive. It used to be that the only user testing that was done was in a purpose built lab, where viewers sat behind a two-way mirror observing the test participant interacting with a website - now the field has greatly matured, and there are many more options available to get the user involved at all stages of the website development process. It doesn't have to be hard, or expensive; it just has to be integrated into the process so that users can have great experiences all round.   


So I present to you Margaret Lipinska - Certified UX Practitioner.

Now let's make the web a better place together!