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Zeroseven Gives Back

Zeroseven loves to aid charities by participating in events and donating to worthy causes. Over the past year, we have supported a handful of charities and would like to take our support further by acknowledging them for their achievements and efforts and reach out to any other Charites who have great causes that we can support in the future. 



Back in September last year, the team started training for the weeks leading up to the Bridge to Brisbane run. Zeroseven donated $1 for every kilometer run and after the 10km race was able to give $500 to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation and $383 to the RSPCA

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation makes a positive difference in the lives of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands by providing educational experiences to engage them in improving their literacy levels. Using the funding they gain from supporters, ILF is able to deliver books and literary resources out to remote communities as well as make visits and provide opportunities for children and members of the community to publish their work.



Cupcake day was in August, and went off like a hit with the team. In support of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), Zeroseven hosted a morning tea for RSPCA's Annual Cupcake Day for which the team baked a selection of different flavoured and designed cupcakes for staff and clients to purchase. All the money raised, which equated to $300, was donated to the worthy cause. 

The RSPCA is a community-based charity that dedicates itself to improving the lives mistreated animals by working to defend their dignity and fight to stop cruelty. The charity offers a voice for the animals of Australia and provides shelter, education, medical attention and love. RSPCA prosecutes anyone who harms or mistreats the animals who they protect and brings solace to animals who are abandoned, surrendered or injured. 



Over Christmas, Zeroseven announced their commitment to making 100 stars over 2016 to support the One Million Stars to End Violence project and invited their friends, families and clients to participate. The team have offered their lunch breaks and spare time to help weave stars using multiple coloured ribbons in red, silver, white and black to tie-in with our corporate branding. The completed stars are proudly hanging in our entrance for visitors to see. At the end of the year, Zeroseven hopes to be able to donate the stars to be incorporated into the One Million Stars installation display that is intended to increase awareness of this cause. 

One Million Stars to End Violence is a community project aimed at bringing together communities to raise awareness and support to end all forms of violence, including violence against women, bullying and racism. Artist and weaver, Maryann Talia Pau started the project and aims to bring people together around the world to weave 1 million stars as symbols of light, courage and solidarity for a display in Queensland Australia, 2018.


We would like to thank the charities we have supported for their honourable efforts and echievements in the community. Zeroseven looks forward to continuing to support organisations who are working to make a positive difference.