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Beer Education with Beer Matt

The team at zeroseven were buzzing with excitement, having planned a beer tasting for our monthly social event. Our initial expectations for what was in store were soon dramatically changed when our host turned up with some unexpected items; wine glasses, a fancy cheese selection and a box of our favourite Della Mano chocolate fudge brownies. We knew this is not the beer tasting experience we all had in mind.

Our passionate host for the evening was Matt Kirkegaard from BeerMatt, a Brisbane-based freelance beer writer who has developed a national reputation as one of the few independent beer educators and advocates in Australia.

We all stood around Matt with a sense of mystery and allure as he kicked off the night. He playfully challenged us to "swish the beer around the (wine)glass and tell me what you can smell". Never had a beer been such a sensory experience, we discussed the aromas we were picking up from the rim of our glasses. With an infectious enthusiasm, Matt coached us through the colour, strength and accompanying foods of each craft beer. Convincing us that clearly, up until now, we had been doing it wrong all along.

We finished the night feeling rosy-cheeked and thoroughly entertained. Not only did we all enjoy a night in the company of our Zeroseven family, but now have a new appreciation for craft beers. The team here all highly recommend BeerMatt for your next corporate or social event, promising that you will discover there's more to beer than you ever imagined.