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Active Bodies = Active Minds!

At Zeroseven, we are BIG on fitness. Every Monday and Wednesday lunchtime, Zeroseven employees engage in a heart-pumping 40 minute intense workout. Not only has this created a healthier, happier work environment but has forged a close bond between Zeroseven employees.

After just celebrating 2 years of attending Studio 99, we thought it be the perfect occasion to find out more about our favourite personal trainer - Blake McClennan, Master Trainer at Studio 99.

Here's what Blake had to say:


Tells us a little about Studio 99

Studio 99 was originally opened as a boutique personal training studio in South Brisbane 8 years ago and had since developed into a full size gym. Our main aim is to bring members together into small group classes and push them to reach their full potential. We currently have 35 group class options each week as well as 7 personal trainers on site.


Why do you feel personal training is important to maintain a strong work culture?

Personal training or small group corporate training can help bring together employees who usually wouldn't converse with each other to help create a stronger working team. You might have somebody from accounting and another employee from marketing who never have anything to do with each other in the everyday workplace and the gym environment helps bring them together.


What is Studio 99's philosophy on personal training?

Studio 99's philosophy on personal training is that it's all about the client. Our training programs and sessions are all developed in relation to the clients goals and ambitions. We will never perform an exercise or a session unless there is a reason behind the exercise.


How do you simultaneously help clients at different levels of physical ability during a workout class?

The key to catering to different levels of exercise is to always have scaling options available. In some cases it might mean adding a slightly different version of the exercise, lighter weights or fewer reps. There is always an avenue to undertake no matter their previous exercise experience.


What is the biggest challenge you face?

The biggest challenge with the gym industry is getting clients through the door, a lot of people are worried about entering a gym environment because they perceive it as being intimidating. But once they step through the door there eyes are opened and can see the friendly environment we have available here.

Blake believes in pushing clients to their limits in order for them to achieve their full potential. He is very eager to assisting every individual in taking their health and fitness to the next level. We'd like to thank Blake for his ongoing support over the years.