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New office fitout

February marked the month we moved into our fabulous new space. Even though our reception area was already grand, it definitely needed a more Zeroseven feel to it. Thus marked the beginning of out next project - the office fit out. The brain behind the mission was none other than our Director of Design, Margaret Lipinska and Business Development Manager, Elizabeth Gibbons.  After much planning and careful consideration, the feature wall centrepiece was created. The feature walls encompass a range of geometric patterns that both opens and lifts up the area, truly connecting the downstairs and upstairs areas. 

"I love our new centrepiece; it truly brightens up the place! Especially since it is visible from anywhere in the office," said Elizabeth. "It creates an energising and welcoming environment for all staff and clients."

We thought our meeting rooms could do with a makeover too. After all, that is where all the magic happens.  Our meeting rooms now encompass a custom cabinet to hold our large display screen as well as shelving to showcase our wide array of awards. 

From the blinds to the bold wall masterpiece, we are thrilled to announce that the office embodies the Zeroseven spirit.