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Kentico Resources

Zeroseven builds cutting edge websites and fully optimise our clients’ digital experience across multiple channels using Kentico's advanced functionality. Kentico is the only fully integrated ASP.NET CMS, eCommerce, and online marketing platform. 

As Brisbane's leading Kentico Gold partner, we love educating people about our biggest passion and help clients get the most out of their Kentico investments. To help you learn more about Kentico and how it saves our clients’ time and resources, we have listed some great resources below:



Youtube videos:

> This video showcases Enterprise Marketing Solution (EMS) built into Kentico and how it will engage your customers.

> Kentico outlines common marketing mistakes in this video and how you can overcome them. 




 > Kentico Rocks is a show about all things Kentico CMS in this podcast, performed by Kentico MVP's Brian McKeiver and Bryan Soltis. 




Read how you can increase your subscriber count using the power of Marketing Automation via built-in Kentico functionality. 

> The easiest and simplest way to optimize your page content is to utilize A/B testing. Read about it here.

Here are Top Tips for Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment and Driving Conversion



Kentico MVP Program

If you’re looking for more technical leadership, Kentico has a list of community members who are advocates for the platform and guide developers. They do from time to time make marketing recommendations too, check out their biographies.



Kentico Devnet

The best source for all things Kentico, for Kentico license holders, is finally Devnet. It is the central hub for all documentation, questions and articles from Kentico directly. It is worth checking in every couple of week to see what is new. This week there has been a great blog post highlighting the best Marketing presentations from the Kentico Connection Orlando conference.  




Follow #kentico or @kenticoCMS for the most up to date information, news and technical updates for everything Kentico related. 


As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding Kentico, please contact Zeroseven or myself Elizabeth at any time on 3844 0001 or via the contact us page.