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St John Ambulance Qld website wins best in class award

Zeroseven are excited to announce that the St John Ambulance Qld website has won the IMA Best in Class Award with a perfect score of 500 in the Charity category! The Best in Class award is the highest honour bestowed by the Interactive Media Awards. It represents the very best in planning, execution and overall professionalism. 

Zeroseven worked with St John to produce an easy to use content managed website. The website plays an important role in the organisation's communications strategy by providing a central information hub for a number of services. The website has refreshed the organisation's online image and aids the public in finding relevant information in a well-thought-out structure. Craig, our UI developer who had a lot of involvement in the project is ecstatic about the website achieving the award, saying, "St John was the first solo project I worked on at Zeroseven, and it was something that I put a lot of ideas and effort into. It's great to get recognised for that effort." 

To win this award level, the St John Ambulance Qld site had to successfully pass through a comprehensive judging process, achieving very high marks in each of the judging criteria - an achievement only a fraction of sites in the IMA competition earns each year. The St John Ambulance Qld website is the second to achieve a perfect score in the 2015 award year, from over 5,000 entries submitted and is also the 16th to achieve a perfect score since IMA began in 2005, from over 28,000 entries submitted!

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