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Umbraco 7

We've spent a lot of time playing with Umbraco 7 and it's fair to say we are BIG fans. So here are 7 reasons why we love it and why we think you will too:


1. Responsive editor preview

Umbraco 7 has a new preview model tool that allows users to switch between different device views. Publishers and editors are now able to have a quick and easy view of how their content will span over any device. As it is configurable, adding new device resolutions should be a breeze.


2. It's super-fast

One of the primary focuses of Umbraco 7 is the optimisation of the back office. This was implemented to minimise the amount of time content editors have to wait for pages to load. While Umbraco 6 was built to provide a faster back office; Umbraco 7 simply takes it to a whole new level.


3. Innovative technology

Umbraco 7 is built utilising the latest open-source client-side framework from Google, AngularJS and the latest server-side technology from Microsoft, ASP.NET 4.5.


4. It is now a streamlined codebase

Umbraco now ensures code consistency and maintainability by removing old code that is now obsolete and outdated. This ensures developers are constantly utilising the most modern methodologies when building Umbraco sites. 


5. Never-ending testing

Umbraco 7 has been beta tested by over 450 developers, content editors and designers. As a result of this, Umbraco has implemented many new features and bug fixes to achieve an optimised platform.


6. Ongoing improvements

If you think Umbraco is going to stop at version 7, think again. Umbraco has already identified ways in which they can improve and have started working on version 7.3. At the time of writing this, Umbraco has already completed 23% of this version.


7. It's still Umbraco!

With any version upgrade, there is the fear that the changes won't necessarily be for the better. But fear not, it's still Umbraco, even behind the fancy new interface.




With enhanced usability and speed features, upgrading to Umbraco 7 could benefit your website in many dynamic ways.  If you are thinking of upgrading or building a new website in Umbraco, contact us today on (07) 3844 0001. We would love to help!