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Zeroseven celebrates 7 years with Bentleys

Zeroseven celebrates a significant milestone with our longstanding client, Bentleys. It is not often an agency and a client embark on a journey that lasts seven years.

To celebrate our time together, we take a look over the past seven years and see where it all started and what made our relationship a great success.

Established in 1948 Bentleys is an accounting and advisory firm with a passion for driving client success and deliver unmatched client service. With its long history and strong heritage Bentleys offer many services across a number of industries. One of its key products is the Bentleys National Aged Care Survey.  The Survey is an aged care specific financial diagnostic tool that provides significant insight into the industry for aged care operators and funding bodies.

Seven years ago Zeroseven and Bentleys started working together on the Aged Care Survey. At that time, Bentleys had been running the Survey for 12 years as a paper-based and 'Access' spreadsheet project. Because of the substantial workload and cumbersome nature of the project, Bentleys saw an opportunity to improve this process. 

Bentleys and Zeroseven joined forces to streamline the process by amending the Survey from a paper-based system to an integrated online benchmarking portal for aged care providers.

Health Shonhan, Director of Business Advisory at Bentleys, reminisces on what made Zeroseven the right digital development house for them.

'Zeroseven understood what we were trying to do; spent time thinking about how we could do it and provided a good plan to implement' Heath said.

For Zeroseven at the time it was one of the biggest projects we had received. The system was complex and it was imperative to understand how the finance reporting system worked for the roll-out of the Survey.

Chris Thompson, Director of Zeroseven, discusses why the project particularly appealed to him.

'It appealed to me because it gave us a chance to work on a project with a deep level of complexity at a time when we were working mostly on marketing and e-commerce sites. Personally, I am especially interested in projects that help businesses become more efficient, whether that provides the ability to scale or to save internal resources on tasks that can be automated and this is a great example of a project that covers both those areas. 

I believe we won the work because of our ability to quickly understand the project and demonstrate that to Bentleys.'

Over the past seven years we have seen modifications to the Survey, and even a complete rebuild in 2013 to make the Survey more efficient and empower Bentleys to self-manage the system.

 'It is rare to get an opportunity to redevelop work from the ground up and although we were proud of the original work, six years down the track design styles have changed as has the approach to development. We were given a great opportunity to reimagine the project and put in place a solution that can be built on for the next ten years.  We are very excited to see how version 2 takes off and believe that this puts Bentleys in a great position for the future' said Chris.

For Health, seeing the changes to the Survey over the years was also a great experience - amongst other things.

'Completing the Survey the first year it went live and then the recent upgrade was a great highlight for me. Also discovering that Zeroseven's founders, Chris and Margaret, listened to music by the Gorrilaz was also a memorable!'

The long term vision for the National Aged Care Survey is evident in Zeroseven and Bentley's close working relationship.

'We have great respect for the work that Zeroseven does. Our ongoing association with Zeroseven in a testament to that' says Heath.

It has been a great pleasure working with Bentley over the past seven years. We look forward to the next seven.