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You may have heard this term bandied around in a way that it is a 'must do' action for any organisation but what exactly does web strategy mean?

In the most obvious sense, a web strategy is the definition of your online presence or how your organisation or project will be portrayed online, but it is really much more than that. Web strategy is a holistic view of how a digital project will fit within the operation of an organisation and how the company values will be reflected through that project.
Strategy is about thinking, planning and then some more planning. There are often many elements that form the pieces of the puzzle. Planning shouldn't be a chore, just because you want to get to the visuals, it is part of the process of getting it right the first time.

At the start of any project, we go through a planning phase. Generally the Client Consultant, Technical Solutions Architect and User Experience Designer would be involved at this stage of the process. Sometimes this is a simple process and sometimes it results in a 200+ page specification document which outlines all functionality and contains working prototypes.

Think of this as a blueprint for your site. You wouldn't build a house without a blueprint and you shouldn't undertake a digital project without one either!
If it is more than just a technical specification you're after, you can engage one of our specialists on a consultancy basis to look at varying other aspects of your organisation. This can include identifying competitors online, looking at new and innovative ways of doing things, making processes smoother, implementing systems to improve productivity, analysing statistics, thinking about how a website could be made more user friendly or improve conversions with visuals.

You can engage our Technical or Design & User Experience Director to work with you via a series of face to face meetings or going into your organisation and seeing how things can be improved. We have successfully worked with small and large organisations like this and it not only improves organisational efficiency but gets you thinking about new ideas and solutions that you may not have thought of before.
This is such an important part of your communication strategy it deserves a mention all on its own. It is important to communicate regularly with your customers. We have statistics about when best to send emails to have the highest open rates and click through rates for different industries as well as how many links to include.

Email marketing is a beautiful marketing tool because the opens and click throughs can all be tracked and analysed. There are also proven statistics that when an email campaign is sent out, traffic to a website increases, and if it's an online store, purchases increase.

Email marketing doesn't have to be time consuming, but it does have to insightful and useful to the user and it's a great way of getting your brand in front of your target audience.



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Who we are

Who we are

We're a passionate bunch of internet professionals with a complementary set of skills that go together on any one website project. Our team of client consultants, designers, developers and project managers nurture your project from start to finish.

A website is the calling card of an organisation and utilising quality website design and development will boost the effectiveness of the site. We can build you a website or online project that will appeal to your target audience and promote your brand, enhanced with appropriate technology to create a rewarding user experience on every platform.