Web Design

Web Design

Design is not just about the visual, it is about finding a solution to a problem and it encompasses usability, information architecture, accessibility and cross device compatibility.

It is about thinking who the user is and how they will be using a website. It is about making sure the information they are presented with is easy to understand and in a logical order.

Our designers are experts in digital design, from creative and strategic thinking to illustration or animations, each member of the team has their own superpower.

 Zeroseven designers are dedicated web and interactive specialists. While print and web design might seem similar at face value, significant differences exist between the way people scan and digest print material compared to a website. These are taken into account by our designers when designing your website.

Web design is a true skill that not only requires artistic talent; it requires experience and understanding of usability, accessibility, content, design principles and optimisation. In addition, knowledge of information architecture, technical platforms and Content Management Systems (CMS) are also required to create an effective and user-friendly experience.

A big part of designing for human interaction (i.e. real people) is ensuring that a site is easy to use and leads the user to where you want them to go. Zeroseven designers understand that people are creatures of habit, sharing common behaviours and responses and apply strong usability principles to website design.
Responsive design and development is a way of building a website so that it adapts to any screen size on any device. This means that building for specific set widths is no longer needed as the layout and information reflows to fit the device.

If the budgets allows, a responsive design is recommended for every project as it is a way of 'future proofing' your website. In the design of a responsive website viewing levels are catered for a variety of devices, however content needs to be considered at the outset.  By adjusting the content that is displayed on each device, the user is getting a better experience and we are truly embracing the capabilities of the web.

To find out more about Responsive Design, read the blog article here >



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Who we are

Who we are

We're a passionate bunch of internet professionals with a complementary set of skills that go together on any one website project. Our team of client consultants, designers, developers and project managers nurture your project from start to finish.

A website is the calling card of an organisation and utilising quality website design and development will boost the effectiveness of the site. We can build you a website or online project that will appeal to your target audience and promote your brand, enhanced with appropriate technology to create a rewarding user experience on every platform.