ERP & CRM Integration

One of the most common gripes of business is 'I don't have the time to log into 3 different systems to update one piece of content' and sometimes investing in a new CMS or eCommerce solution seems just that, another system that you have to log into to update content.

Often businesses have existing systems for customer management (CRM systems) or complete solutions for a range of business functions (ERP systems).

These systems can be standard such as Dynamics, SAP or SAGE systems or custom closed systems.

We can integrate with these so that when the information is updated in the internal system, it is then pushed to the web system and vice versa, if order are made on the website, these can be recorded to the CRM or ERP. This often saves time, resources, your bottom line and painful headaches in the process! 

Integrating with existing systems often means that as a business, you are building on your original investment and the sales/order/customer experience process is seamless.

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Integrating with a CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce (or similar) is powerful for:

  • Tracking leads generated through the site and seeing them directly in the CRM
  • Seeing what journey your customers take through the site and whether this results in a lead
  • Managing your customers and the customer experience in one place 
  • De-duplicating contacts automatically in the CRM for a better customer experience
  • Use the CRM for creating quotes or orders or manage products
  • Trigger existing processes such as order fulfillment or a sales task

Integrating with ERP systems provides a complete solution to running your business without the need to keep multiple systems updated with the same data. The integration with Dynamic NAV (Navision), SAP, SAGE or a number of other ERP systems has many benefits including:

  • Saving time and resources
  • Selling products online without the need to worry about duplication of information
  • Updating a large stock inventory (some companies have 1000's of products where it would be impractical to do this through a separate system)
  • Efficient stock control between offline and online orders
  • Collecting online orders or enquiries in the same system that you already have for offline ordering, which can flow through to distribution, customer service and accounts as well as sales
  • Automating the ordering process


We have experience integrating with other systems such as IMIS, Kapch/TOMS tolling system, Goldmine as well as custom internal systems and intranets.


Integration with an internal system, whether CRM or ERP is made through a secure process so there is never a way that your vital business information is compromised. We create a middle layer of web services that communicates with the internal system and acts as an interface between the internal and the online systems. There is never a direct connection between the two systems so information is secure.


We are technically minded and have extensive experience integrating with all of these systems, developing web services and making a smooth process for information management within a business. 

If you're just starting out on the online journey with a CMS or eCommerce website and have an existing system, but don't want to take the plunge with full integration, you might want to think about partnering with a company that can be flexible with the systems built now as your requirements change in the future.

If you have an existing CRM or ERP system and want to manage all information in the one place, speak to us about the best solution for integrating with your system and your particular requirements.

IMIS Integration: Green Cross Australia Donations - Collecting donations
IMIS Integration: Australian Association of Practice Managers (AAPM) - Membership management
Kapsch/TOMS: AirportlinkM7 - Registration, account management and payment processing for tolling portal
Goldmine: Workforce Council - Event registrations and payment management



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Who we are

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